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  • Daryl Richards

Hydrate for back health and mobility

The general health benefits of being well hydrated are widely known however, the benefits of hydration for back health and movement might be more than you realised?

Water provides cushioning for the spinal cord as well as providing lubrication for our joints. Collagen is a structural protein present in connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, muscle and also the intevertebral discs. Water is vital for the structural stability of collagen so any dehydration can potentially limit the bodies ability to tolerate load. Our muscles, connective tissues and organs are encased in fascia which is around 70% water. Fascia runs pretty deep with many layers so we need to stay well hydrated in order to keep these layers gliding and moving properly, which in turn helps us move better in general.

So how much water is enough?

There are plenty of equations out there that take into account factors such as height and weight, but I keep it simple and say shoot towards the 2 litre mark. If you're smaller than average then 1.5 litres may suffice but make sure you don't factor tea or coffee too much into your daily quota. If you are not used to drinking much water a day build up slowly by adding half a litre every week or so until you are at the desired amount. It's good practice to add another half litre on days that you're training or working out simply as you'll likely be sweating!

On a final note it's a good idea to drink the majority of your water quota before 4pm in the afternoon as not to disrupt sleep, and start each day with a large glass of fresh water as you wake up before food, coffee or tea. Remember if you feel thirsty you may already be slightly dehydrated!

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