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My Background

My desire to help others

I have worked in the health, fitness and sports industry as a personal trainer and strength coach for 16 years. In this time I've had a range of working experience from large corporate based health clubs, to higher end exclusive gyms in London. I have also been very fortunate to have spent 6 years working in professional boxing as a strength and conditioning coach on my journey. 

A strong thirst for knowledge and desire to continually develop my skills has always been important to me. As I have evolved over the years I found myself developing a passion for helping people get out of pain and move better. More recently I have suffered with my own low back and hip problems that caused a lot of discomfort requiring a lot of dedicated work, and a learning process to overcome.

Experiencing this myself fuelled a strong desire to help others get out of pain and get back to their fitness and sporting endeavours, whatever they may be. I was very privileged to work with some amazing therapists who helped me and put me on an educational path to learning more. Now all my ongoing education and study is focused on developing my skillset in this area so I can share it and help others.

I'd like to leave you with a particular testimonial from a personal client who presented with a long history of back and neck injuries, coupled with an extensive competitive sporting history including rugby and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. 

" Daryl has been an absolute saviour. Not just in helping me get stronger but giving me an internal strength I did not know I could have. Daryl's approach is driven by a significant depth of knowledge and treats every client differently and as an individual. He takes the time to get to know you and everything is tailored to you.

I have participated in numerous sports at numerous levels over the years, including snowboarding, ultra-marathons, cycling, rugby and martial arts. Throughout this time, no matter how I performed I had problems with my back and never felt truly strong in my core. I have had a tumultuous time with my back since fracturing it at the age of 25, 18 years ago. Last year I had motorbike accident which left me in a very compromised position, with 5 bulging discs and nerve damage.

I have been through numerous programs previously and did not hold out much hope for recovery. I worked my back to health, or so I thought, and then had a bad relapse in March resulting in hospitilisation. Shortly afterwards Daryl started taking care of my programming and started me off very slowly (much to my frustration at times). His approach has been amazing and I now able to cycle again and building strength each day.

I couldn't recommend anyone higher than I do Daryl. He will be honest , do his best and won't tell you he will make you bomb proof or cure you completely. He will be straight and honest and will tell you exactly what he can and can't do".

Chris Monteiro - Sharratt 

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